The features that you really need – fully integrated

GHIPlus fully integrates the key business functions you need to run your business. Avoid lost time and errors created by re-keying information into separate systems. Build your team’s efficiency and skill sets by using one system, not four. Eliminate unnecessary business processes with real-time processing.

Benefits and Product Management

Simplify how you setup and administer health insurance policy benefits and products all while complying with regulations and unique business rules

Member and Group administration

Administer and underwrite health insurance products for members and groups–without adding overhead to current systems and processes.

Claims management and automatic adjudication

Increase your auto-adjudication rates to more than 90% and free up your team to focus on key customer service and case management issues.

Premium billing and receipting

Manage the complexity of health insurance premium billing. Invoice the customer, and the Group Health Plus system takes care of the complexity of disbursing payments across multiple underwriters.

Management Reporting

Gain greater insight into up-to-the-minute key performance indicators. See how improvements in these KPIs enable you to manage your business more efficiently.

Self-serve Portal

Employees want to easily manage their benefits plans.  They need the flexibility to choose from a menu of employee benefits.  The GHI+ Employee Portal allows employees to manage and maintain their own benefits plans through an easy-to-use, secure web portal.

Traditional Approaches are Inefficient and Inaccurate

  • Up to 16 system touch points across multiple systems
  • Data passed between systems subject to error and re-keying
  • Days to approve claims
  • Up to 90 days to pay claims
  • Claims & Admin staff costs up to 60% too high