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PNG’s Pacific Assurance Group selects GHI Plus from Portland Software

Auckland, New Zealand, 12 November 2015

“We have a close relationship with AXA in Singapore and that helped us a lot in reaching our decision. We had looked at a couple of other suppliers, but based on AXA’s experience, we took their advice and selected Portland Software to deliver our new insurance system,” says Frost.

Frost says Pacific Assurance Group’s business requirements included improving claims efficiency and settlement speed, plus smarter data collection, “to help us better price our products and eventually have the service providers do online claims lodgement.”

Greg Woolley, CEO of Portland Software, says the company is delighted that Pacific Assurance Group has selected GHI Plus.

“Pacific Assurance Group is transforming how its health insurance business works. They want to move away from the traditional insurance approach of one-size fits all and instead provide personalised services at no extra cost or additional administration overhead.”

“That’s exactly what GHI Plus is designed to do, so we are really pleased to be working with such a like-minded customer. At Portland we want to shift health insurance from transactional to transparent, by helping our customers deliver mass customisation as easily as they can deliver standard off-the-shelf health insurance products right now. Pacific Assurance Group is our idea of a perfect customer,” says Woolley.




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