If you’re an insurance broker in New Zealand or Australia, have we got great news for you!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of GHIBroker.   We think it changes the game for insurance brokers, giving you world-class policy administration and customer experience features, at an absolute bargain price!

Here are some reasons why we think GHIBroker is a gamechanger:

  • GHIBroker is cloud-based.  That means no software to install, and we take care of your precious data
  • No costly minimum fees.    You pay for what you use, and no more.
  • Sophisticated features, even in our Standard version.   Every GHIBroker user can offer their customers a self-serve HR web portal to review plan information, and maintain members easily.    This significantly reduces the risk of missing continuation sales opportunities when staff leave an employer.
  • Support is included.   If you’re stuck, we’ll help you out, at no additional charge!
  • Integration baked in.  We integrate with HR and payroll software, and have capabilility to exchange data with leading insurers
  • Group renewals are a breeze.  With GHIBroker Gold, the cumbersome group renewal process is made super-easy.    GHIBroker generates renewal quotations, e-mails reminder notices, and re-issuance of new plan coverage documents automatically.
  • Offer top-ups and voluntary contributions.   Give your customers new flexibility and options by selling plans that they can top-up themselves.

If you’re still running your group business on spreadsheets, you already know what a hassle it is maintaining plan lists, rate cards, and customer information.   Chances are you’ve lost a renewal or two because your admin was too cumbersome.    If that sounds like you, we know that you’ll not only save money by using GHIBroker, but you’ll be able to offer your customers better service as well.   Sign up for your free trial, and our team will help you see how easy it can be to manage your group business.






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