Most business owners don’t know cloud software’s dirty little secret.

It is terrible at solving a real business problem that you have right now


Why is that?   Read just about any article about the challenges facing a small business owner, and three things always appear:

  • Not enough time in the day – too much going on
  • Hard to get great people
  • Hard to get financing

A workday is typically full of “I need to do this now” tasks followed by “can you help me?” requests when they get stuck or swamped.     Of course, that “can you help me?” request is usually code for “I need a quality result right now – and as good as I would do it myself if I had the time”.

To be truly valuable to a busy business owner – you need to help them achieve a quality business result in the shortest possible time.  

What’s wrong with cloud software?

So why are most cloud software companies generally pretty bad at helping their customers get real business results?

  • Most software companies would much rather hire sales people than customer support people. (Most view customer support as a cost to be minimised, not as a service to their customers).
  • Most software companies assume you’ll read the instructions and invest the time to completely learn their package (you’d like to, but you don’t really have the time)
  • Software companies usually point you at an array of online information, call it ‘support’, and assume you’ll be happy to fight your way through a knowledge base/tutorial video/support blog to figure out how to do something (you’d much rather just ask somebody who actually knows the answer)
  • They don’t know you, your business situation, or what you’re trying to do day to day (you don’t have a lot of time to explain what you’re trying to get done to someone)

So for you, the customer, this adds up to one thing – you’ll usually spend more time than you expect getting something important done.

Business Result Support – a better way

We think there’s a better way. We call it ‘business result’ support.    High quality software, combined with expert support to get you a fast, high quality business result, is the real differentiator in today’s great cloud services for business.

Try these simple ‘business result’ tests before you buy your next piece of cloud software:

  • If you’re buying project management software – can you get help to set up your actual project?
  • If you’re buying HR software – can you ask someone how to deal with your underperforming employee?
  • If you’re buying online store software – can someone help you set up your actual products with your existing discount and commission schemes?

If the answer is ‘no’, then your cloud software choice probably won’t deliver the fast, high quality business results you need.     Expose the ‘dirty little secret’ – and look for another vendor who will be there for you when you really need a business result.

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