Portland Software brings cost-efficient, flexible and cloud-based health insurance and risk management systems to industry. Take a look at our comprehensive GHi Employee Benefits administration system, covering all aspects of Group and Individual Health, Case Management and Risk insurance products.

New Zealand-based Portland Software Service Limited offers the GHi+ platform.   Our team is diverse, and our business and industry knowledge helps us add value to our customers.

Current methods

Current methods of managing and administering member benefits are inefficient, error prone and time-consuming. These poor practices drive up the cost of delivering outcomes for health care consumers. We don’t think this is acceptable. Nor should you.

Portland Software’s Group Health Plus system is fully integrated to support every step in the health insurance value chain. No more silos.

Group and member health information–and the accompanying administrative workload–is shared across the entire system, including insurers, brokers, underwriters, groups, providers and members.